Can I cut my Bistro Blinds myself?

We do not recommend you to cut your Bistro Blind yourself. Our high quality PVC is cut with precision at Smart Home Products to achieve the most accurate result for our customers.

Can I add zip joiners and extenders together?

No, you can not add zip joiners and extenders together. Zip joiners serve the purpose of joining two bistro blinds together as they have teeth either side of the zip joiners. Extenders attach to the side of the blind which then attaches into the wall anchor.

How do I go about ordering my blinds to be cut to size?

Head into your nearest Bunnings Warehouse and fill out your cut to size sheet and place your order at the Special Orders Desk.

What can I use to clean my blind?

For the best result in protection and cleaning of your Bistro Blinds, we recommend Vuplex. Have a look at our Care page for an instruction video to best care for your Bistro Blind.

How thick is the PVC?


What is the warranty period on my blinds?

24 months.

What is the largest cut to size bistro I can order?

3000mm x 3000mm including the rain flap and the top and bottom rails.

Am I protected against UV rays behind my Bistro Blinds?

If you have purchased a Clear PVC Bistro Blind, the fabric is treated to not fade over time but the PVC has no UV protection properties. If you have purchased the Charcoal PVC Bistro Blind or the Shade Screen, the material and PVC offers a UV protection grade of 50+.

Can I join two bistro blinds together on their own?

No, you must use a zip joiner.

Why is my extender saying its 15cm wide when its really 20cm wide?

We make allowances for your blind side piece so that when you remove it to put on your extender, you do not loose any width off your original blind width.

Do you have a zip joiner 30cm wide?


Can you operate the rope system on the left instead of the right?

Yes you can. You will need to undo the rope and pulleys and swap sides.

Why are the wall anchors & zip joiners 210cm instead of the same drop as the blind at 240cm?

The zip joiners and wall anchors cover the PVC section, which does not include the flap or the head rail.

How easy is installation?

Installation is a quick and simple process! Have a look at our Installation page which provides you a full version of our 5 Step process and our installation video for extra assistance!

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