Caring for your blinds

Use Vuplex to maintain the longevity of your PVC Bistro Blind. Acting as a barrier against water and other weather conditions, Vuplex ensures your Bistro Blind will always have a clear finish for you to enjoy the views through the PVC.

Dont roll up wet

Ensure no water or residue is left on the blind while rolled up, over a period of time this can cause damage to the blind.


To prevent scratches on the PVC pull tie down straps taught although avoid over tensioning.

Tie off securely

Each blind is supplied with tie off points on either side. Use the cord cleat provided to tie up the blind securely. Always make sure both sides of the blinds are tied off.

Wind protection

Whilst we guarantee our blinds will withstand tough conditions – including wind blowing at 60kph, we do advise that you roll your blinds up if a storm is approaching. This will ensure to minimise movement in the wind.

Cleaning your blinds

Cleaning your PVC blinds is quite easy. We recommend using VuPlex, a cleaner that has been specifically developed for the cleaning and protection of blinds. Use Vuplex every month by applying with a clean microfibre.

Keep away from heaters

Although Bistro Blinds are made from high quality, durable materials, it is important to keep all heating equipment away to ensure the longevity of the product.
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